I think I now know what I want to become in the future.

I think it would rather be untruthful if I said I knew it all along, right from when I was a child, what I wanted to be when I grew up.

I attended a career counseling session in my dad’s office today. About a fortnight ago I wrote the aptitude test, based on which the psychologists analyze where my potential lays the most, and suggest the careers favoring the results accordingly.
My results indicated that I had the most potential in Engineering, Designing/Architecture and Bachelors in Science.
Right of the bat, just to be sure, I don’t want to do pure science because it’s all complete research and kind of monotonous (no offense). And I hated engineering before because that’s what everybody is doing today! (At least from the way I look at things) So I was kind of stung hard when I saw Engg. as my first option.
However the second one, mind me it truly did, surprise me! I knew architecture would somehow or the other take all the curving turns in the road and come to my life.
But designing?! No. Not even in my wildest dreams I ever thought of designing as a career option! Over the course of the session my psychologist told me how I could choose a career based on my potentials. She told me that I could take a vigorous course only on designing/architecture or do a under grad course in Electrics/Telecommunication Engineering and then, on a post grad level, do designing.

Frankly speaking I like designing. Especially related to web!
My psychologist even suggested me to attend the workshops, which are going to be held at IIT Bombay, that are based on various designing courses. I checked out the sites immediately and I was so happy when I read the topics on which they would lecture about!
There was a course which included Typography designs. The moment I read it, I literally jumped off my chair in utter joy! I LOVE typography! It’s so different and new and to think that there is a course specializing in only typography, I felt really happy. Happy enough to lift the guilt I was feeling for being an idiot in choosing Computer Science over Multimedia and Web Designing as my elective for my senior secondary level!

And yes, I think the fact that I wanted to choose designing as my career, was within me as a child.
I remember when I was a kid, when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I said, “I want to be an inventor.” I said and “inventor” because I perceived an inventor as someone who “invented things”. So my lovely elders started telling me to be a scientist, since they told me it was scientists who ‘invented’ things. So I followed them blindly. Only later in my life I realized that scientists don’t practically “invent” things, they just do RESEARCH! And I hate research!
So then for a period of my life I was goal-less, until today.

I think I finally understood what I want to become now and what I always wanted to become, ever since I was a child. It was a Creator. I think I missed that word when I was a kid. I want to create things. It doesn’t matter if I do it from scratch or I pick up somebody’s leftovers. Because all I want to do is create.

And I finally realized it today.


  1. You love typography? isn't that hard? .__. you sure are awesome xD

    just do what you think is right, and just do what you want to do ;) I'm sure you will get a good result if you're doing that :D

    Well I entered Design Communication Visual :D even though I'm not really good at drawings, but I will try hard to survive xD I think I want to become web designer or illustrator beside a novelist/writer ^^


    P.S: nice blog! thanks for visited mine ;D and hell yeah! Maroon 5 is the greatest xDD
    P.S.S: Nice to meet you! I hope we can be a good friend :D

  2. @ モーラ ~ maybe! :) I don't know for sure! But I love it! :) :) :) So that's why I'm going to do what I love to do! :)
    and yeah! :D I'd love to be friends with you! ^_^ ^_^

  3. Sounds like a good fit to me: Design is the main thing you've been doing on your blog.


  4. @wisewit ~ woah?! haha really?? okay! :D


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